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First of all, for precise answers regarding our working methods, prices and everything else, you should (and we insist on this) come directly to the studio.
Here are grouped a number of things people often wonder about.
If you don’t find the information you’re looking for, do not hesitate to come to the sutdio where we will take the time to answer any other questions you might have.
Does it hurt ?
Getting a tattoo is not a nice feeling, for sure. But it’s totally bearable ! However, each person endures pain differently, depending on where they’re getting tattooed, their sensitivity, their state of mind and the shape they’re in at the moment.
Advice : "The best way to stand the pain is to stay relaxed. We advise the soon-to-be tattooed to eat and sleep well before the session, especially when it will last a while. In that case it is better to wear cotton and loosely fitting clothes to avoid unpleasant friction on the tattoo."
How can I make an appointment ?
It’s very simple ! Come to the studio with your ideas, sketches, photos, images and explain your project. We give you a price and a date of appointment. You pay the deposit and we start to prepare your design. Once the design is completed, we will contact you to take a look at the sketch. If you’re happy with it, it’s all good. If you have any requests for changes, we will make those until you’re satisfied by the day of the appointment.
How long does it take to get an appointment ?
Everything depends on the time of the year, but usually we fix a session within two months after taking an appointment.
If it is a small tattoo we may find an appointment sooner.
How much will it cost ?
People often ask us about the price of a tattoo (and we can understand why) and we answer : "Come to the studio !" Indeed, to estimate the price of a tattoo we need to know exactly what your project is. The price will depend on the size, complexity and location of the tattoo.
What we can tell you is that when we agree to make a session, we ask our clients to pay a deposit (in accordance with article L114-1 of the French Consumer Code), the amount depending on the tattoo. For each appointment we reserve a time slot and prepare a drawing, which is why we ask for a deposit before the session. The payment of this deposit is a way for us to ensure your investment in the project.
We start our services at 80 euros.
A tattoo is expensive, it is an investment and it is for life. It must be well thought out.
Are there things I need to prepare before the tattoo session ?
Come in good shape, rested and relaxed !
The skin of the tattoo area should be clean, it will be shaved and disinfected but you can wax it yourself before, if you prefer.
What if my tattoo needs retouching ?
After the healing period, that is to say, after three or four weeks, if you notice that your tattoo needs to be touched up, just come to our studio. We will take a look at it and make a new appointment. Retouching a tattoo which has been done in our sutdio is free of charge ; provided that you have followed all the tattoo aftercare recommendations that you were given during the session. Retouching is free of charge provided that you come within two months following the session.
I think I have a few problems with my new tattoo !
If you follow the tattoo aftercare recommendations you should not encounter any problems during the healing period. But it is normal to feel anxious in the weeks after the tattoo session and it is also normal to observe an inflammatory reaction (redness and sometimes swelling) in the days following the completion of the tattoo. These symptoms last less than a week. The timeframe for complete healing varies depending on the location of your tattoo, your general condition and your medical history. That said, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us !
Again : observing the necessary care during the healing period avoids any unnecessary problems.
How will my tattoo age over time ?
Once it has healed, your tattoo will be a part of your skin and you will have to moisturize it like any other part of your body when necessary. To maintain the original aspect of your tattoo it is highly recommended to apply sunscreen when you are exposed to the sun.
Are there areas of the body that you do not tattoo ?
We strongly recommend not getting tattoos on the palms and fingers of your hands and on the soles of your feet, because the skin of these areas renews itself very regularly and is exposed to difficult conditions, which means the tattoo does not last and ages pretty badly.
Is it possible to get a tattoo on a scar, a mole ?
It is possible to tattoo over a scar on the condition that it is not new and that it is not too prominent. A scar does not have the same texture as your skin, so it is not possible to tattoo as easily as elsewhere.
Tattooing on a mole is not recommended because it is important to keep an eye on them over the long term. You can ask your dermatologist whether your moles are benign before considering placing your tattoo there.
I am taking medication, is it possible to get a tattoo ?
It is not recommended to get a tattoo in the following cases : diabetes (insulin-dependent), hemophilia, eczema, epilepsy, pregnancy and known allergies to certain products (pigments).
However, as in all matters relating to your health, you should ask your physician.
If a problem occurs for a medical reason we cannot be held responsible, since the person concerned must certify during the first appointment that he/she has no major health problems and is not taking any medication that can cause complications for his/her health.
Can minors get a tattoo ?
We do not tattoo people under the age of sixteen for several reasons. Firstly, because at this age it is unlikely that growth is completed, and the tattoo may be distorted. Getting a tattoo should be a well thought out act, so if you’re young and you really want one, come back in a few years !
Minors who want to get a tattoo must have the consent of a parent who comes with them and who will be asked to fill out a parental consent form at the studio and provide a copy of identity papers.