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First of all, we would like to point out that we would be pleased to answer any question you might have and show you where we work. But to do so, you’ll have to come to the studio !
Working methods and equipment :
We strictly observe the hygiene rules in force and prepare the equipment right in front of you.
We only work with sterile single-use equipment of high quality which is thrown away immediately after the act of tattooing.
The tubes and needles we use are sterile, enclosed in a blister package and unpacked right before your eyes during the tattoo session.
Once the session is over, we throw tubes and needles away in biomedical waste containers to store and dispose safely of this type of waste and thereby avoid any risk of contamination.
The same applies to ink capsules, latex gloves and any other disposable we use.
We use high quality ink which is strictly controlled, traced and packaged according to specific standards in order to avoid any hygiene problem.
Care of the tattoo :
Firstly, know that we provide a personalized follow up of the healing of your new tattoo. It is essential to follow the instructions we give you to get the desired result.
The healing phase lasts about 20 days, although this may vary depending on your skin. During this period it is recommended not to expose the tattoo to the sun. You should also avoid bathing in the sea or in a pool. To sum up, you can only take showers during this period.
The first time you have to clean your tattoo, that is to say a few hours after the session, you have to remove the plastic wrap we applied. Then you can clean the wound with water and mild soap. To dry it, use a clean cloth and gently dab (do not rub). Before cleaning it, do not forget to wash your hands. Of course, this tip applies to all the times you have to touch the tattooed area.
Subsequently, we strongly recommend Bepanthen ointment, applied 3 to 6 times a day, so that your tattooed skin remains constantly moist until the healing is complete.
Here are some other basic rules to follow :
Do not mistreat your tattoo : do not rub while cleaning, do not scratch or tear the scabs that form, try not to harm yourself on the location of the wound …
Wear loosely fitting cotton clothes (outlaw wool and nylon). Whenever possible, leave the tattooed skin to the open air.
Focus on maximum hygiene : wash your hands, shower, but still do not bath. At the risk of repeating ourselves, it is probably the most important part of the healing process.
You know that the healing is complete when the dead skin has fallen and the skin has recovered its natural appearance, except that now this is a tattooed skin.